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Soar Coach since January 2019

About Vivi

I help entrepreneurs create an exceptional relationship with their partner

Are you dreaming of living your best life together with your soulmate who has your back, is your biggest fan & supports you in any situation no matter what?

I help you create an exceptional relationship that you thought exists only in girly high-school movies. Life becomes easier, better and HAPPIER when you can rely on your partner, you have each others back and you feel comfortable, happy and loved when you are home.

You can only be truly successful in life and business if you are truly HAPPY and your relationship is not interfering or holding you back.

Around 60% of relationships are unhappy. I do not wan't you to be in this category.

If you have ever dream of : - having a truly happy, strong and exceptional relationship? - Feeling confident, fulfilled and satisfied with the life & relationship you have? - Knowing that your partner has your back no matter what? - Letting go of your past, forgive and finally move forward? - Truly loving yourself? - Staying positive through even the toughest of times? - Living a more positive life and relationship? - Enjoying life with your soulmate and seeing the beauty of it every single day? - Not judging others and especially not judge YOURSELF? - Being confident AF & believing in yourself and your relationship? - Taking a hold of opportunities without doubting yourself? - Having the courage to be your truest self? - Not letting yourself get stressed so easily? - Being able to get calm through arguments or not even getting into them? - Deepening your relationship? - Mastering your communication skills? - Having the most amazing and beautiful relationship you can only dream of?

Even if only one of this speaks to you & you are looking to uplevel your RELATIONSHIP & HAPPINESS then I'd love to invite you to book a complementary relationship assessment here:

The better your relationship is, the more will your business grow and the happier your will be in life!

Short Personal Bio

HI, I am Vivi, I grew up traveling the world, exploring over 60 countries and recognized really quickly that no matter how beautiful life, a country or an adventure is, it is always better having someone with you who has your back, who supports you, who is your Clyde & goes with you through thick & thin. I also experienced that way to many people live an an unhappy relationship or marriage and that it is not worth no working on it.

No matter how good your relationship is, it can always be exceptional!

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