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FAQ hopes to become the world’s leading platform for human development, by helping millions of individuals reach their full potential, with the help of great coaches, tools, and resources to learn and grow. At the heart of is a belief that everyone has unique Strengths, and that their best path to fulfillment is playing to those Strengths.

Tens of thousands of amazing, purpose-driven individuals have devoted their lives to coaching, and exists to help them reach and improve the lives of millions of individuals. will help you put your best foot forward, as part of an inspired community of like-minded coaches. As a coach on, you’ll also gain access to many more clients than ever before. is open to all coaches. We hope you’ll join us by signing up today. If you are new to Strengths as a coach and would like more information on Strengths, please contact us.

You’re here because you want to learn and grow. You’ve got important things to accomplish in life, and we want to help you with that. is bringing together the world’s best tools, resources and coaches to help you discover your unique Strengths and become the best version of you.

The coaching platform is currently under development and will be going live in a matter of weeks. By signing up now, and completing the profile information, we’ll expedite your access to all of the great things has to offer.

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