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United Arab Emirates, Dubayy, ARE

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I help business professionals to reach new levels of performance

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I am a corporate trainer and coach and the founder of the learning and development company, FH Insights. I started FH Insights in 2012 with a desire to help people improve their ability to work successfully with others, deliver added value and grow in confidence. With a passion for understanding people, a keen business eye and a desire for continuous learning, I use these skills to help business professionals reach new levels of understanding and performance.

I am passionate about the power of StrengthsFinder to help individuals uncover their most powerful sources of natural talent, gain deep self-awareness and personal growth. I work with my coaching clients to help them see how their strengths can be their greatest source of potential and if unattended a source of weakness. Each coaching journey is unique but common issues that I address with clients during coaching include:

How to apply strengths for greater success; Overcoming challenges in professional relationships; Gaining confidence and assertiveness; Breaking negative habitual behaviours; Finding your voice in communications; Career progression and future planning

Most of my coaching is focussed on mid to senior level managers in multinational organisations. I also coach entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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