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Led by Paul Allen, Gallup Strengths Evangelist and Founder of, Soar is the leading marketplace for human development. Our mission is to help more people identify, develop and apply their natural talents in the workplace, at home, and in their community. Soar coaches are on all continents and deliver services in every specialty, including: Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaching, Career Management, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Team Training, Personal Development, Finance, Performance, Wellness & Health, Life Coaching, and many more. We build individual talents and create high performing teams and organizations by helping millions of individuals reach their full potential.

Soar sets the stage for meaningful coach-client interactions. Our personalized matchmaking framework connects individuals and teams with their ideal coach, and coaches with their ideal clients. In the coach-client discovery phase, both parties benefit from an ideal safe and convenient environment, where they can freely discuss expectations, goals, planning, pricing, etc. Coaches set their own fees and can compare peer pricing, ratings, expertise, and much more. Clients can rate the service they received and leave reviews about their coach on their profile page.

In a word, YES. Our partnership with Gallup makes Soar a unique place for Strengths coaches and their clients to thrive. More than 19 million people have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment, and Soar aims to connect millions of them with a Strengths Coach. We are the leading human development platform accessible to everyone, everywhere. Soar coaches offer services encompassing every specialty, method and school of thought.


Clients: we drive more leads to you and match them based on your definition of an ideal client engagement.
Business Tools: client importing tools, team grids, automated contact management system, white-glove client booking system.
Community: a robust and growing network of like coaches who share a common purpose, as well as insight and guidance.
Content: research, data, white papers, guides and webinars suited to the needs of both coaches and clients.
Credibility: as a coach on Soar, with client ratings and reviews, coaches will be able to demonstrate their track record of success and excellence.
Live Events: access to Soar summits and conferences.

Soar is for all coaches. We hope you’ll join us by signing up today. If you are new to Strengths Coaching and would like more information on Strengths, please contact us.

Soar is free to join as a coach. Participation in Pro and Evangelist Levels requires a subscription, and comes with numerous benefits.

Clients interact with a Soar Concierge, available 24/7 via phone, email or live chat. Once they’re ready to speak with a coach, the coach will be notified via Soar’s rapid dispatching system to make the process quick and easy.

Soar will take care of the billing part. We will help you bypass a lot of the logistical aspects of booking and billing clients. We ensure payment is collected and you are paid right away. In addition, Soar incurs all credit card charges, and pays affiliate commissions out of Soar’s portion of shared revenue.

Refund Policy for Your Pro Membership Subscription: During the first year of membership, if you are not fully satisfied with the platform, we will refund any remaining months/days of your membership for the current billing cycle, provided that the following requirements have been met for at least 15 days: the member has uploaded a video, profile picture, biography, three or more client testimonials and added three or more dream clients to their dashboard. Prior billing cycles and are non-refundable.

Refund Policy for Your Evangelist Membership Subscription: If you are not fully satisfied with your experience as an Evangelist, we will refund any remaining months/days of your membership for the current billing cycle, if you have not attended a Soar Evangelist Training, and if the following requirements have been met: the member has set up their chapter admin account at and published at least one blog post, contributed to the Evangelist community through Slack, regularly attended weekly Evangelist calls, and actively participated in monthly 1:1 calls with your Soar Evangelist Support Team.

Refund Policy for Your Soar Training Experience: Varies by training program. Please check with the program administrator for your specific training program.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We refund clients if they are not satisfied. But they are limited to one per coach. We ask that you also follow this policy and forfeit payment for the session.

We have a team of marketing professionals who are lead generation experts. There are 19 million people who have taken the StrengthsFinder assessment. A good base to start! We also reach out to organizations directly. After your custom profile is developed, Soar will launch a custom lead generation advertising campaign to promote your profile.

Soar streamlines several business operations into one so you can focus on coaching clients. For example, Soar currently provides coach listings, customer ratings and reviews, shareable content, messaging, scheduling, and client payment systems. More great tools and options are coming to make your work as a business owner easier so that you can focus on coaching.

Yes. We plan on finding public speaking and retreat/event coaching opportunities and making them available to our coach community.


A coach will partner with you to design a bespoke learning experience that addresses your behaviors (or those of your team) and how they contribute to your desired objectives. They give you workable feedback and insights tailored to your unique needs to assist in you in moving forward to reach your goals. If you want any type of positive change in your life, or if you are striving to understand your strengths or those of others, having a coach will help you.

Coaches partner with you to assess where you are currently and to understand what your goals are. Once a baseline is established, a vision for the future is created and potential obstacles are identified. Having a coach to partner with on the journey also includes creating action steps to move forward. To do this, the coach will seek understanding as to what you really want to accomplish or help you to know and create that ideal for yourself. Then, through a series of effective questions and processes, your coach will help you create meaningful action steps including levels of accountability in reaching positive newness in your life.

The majority of coaching, whether personal or professional, takes place over the phone. Zoom, FaceTime and other technologies may also be used depending on what you and your coach have available. Meeting in person is always possible if location permits. This, along with frequency of contact, can be determined between you and your coach.

In counseling the emphasis is often on the past. Coaching puts the emphasis on the future, one where you can progress and develop. Counseling is important in healing and recovery from pain and trauma. Coaching however, intends to move you forward into new possibilities and goals in your life. Coaching focuses on your strengths and what you can do, versus what has happened in your past. Your coach will strive to bring out the best in you and your future. It’s an incredible journey to see what you can learn, how you will grow and what you will soon accomplish!

We refund clients if they are not satisfied up to a limit of one refund per coach.


Employers are investing in their organizations when they invest in the growth of their employees. Employees both young and seasoned benefit from having a coach to drive them to results and achievement. Coaching is based on forward progression and success. Eliminating negative behaviors and things that get in the way are as essential as finding the new best behaviors and paths to success for each employee. The whole person is who the coach focuses on, and the goals of the client can include both personal or professional development. As meaningful growth happens for the individual, it transforms her as a person, an employee, and within relationships. Coaching can also be directed toward workplace goals.

Employee engagement is the level to which employees are motivated by, involved in, and committed to their workplaces. Coaching can identify causes of employee disengagement such as lack of purpose, difficult relationships, not using their strengths in daily work, unclear expectations, etc. Coaches focus on increasing and improving your opportunities to succeed. Coaching can also help employees to implement new interactions that produce results.

Training typically focuses on developing the “how to’s” of a specific skill set. Coaching focuses on identifying areas of potential, goal setting, and creating actionable plans for growth, which then translate into action and accountability. After most trainings, adult learners require 60% additional focus/work before a change of behavior occurs. Coaching begins that journey of change sooner and more consistently along the way. Coaching drives implementation and that is key.

The process of coaching affects people both internally and externally; or both, within their own thinking and processing; and outwardly, in terms of how they interact with the world and others. Internal factors can be quantified through self-assessment and reflection on recent performance or growth. External indicators of success can be seen by achieving benchmarked goals that were discussed in original discovery sessions with your coach. Examples of these external achievement indicators can also include performance KPIs, feedback, and personal/business data. Your coach can help in determining these possibilities and tools.

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