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Basel Area, Basel-Landschaft, CHE

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Soar Coach since August 2018

About Martin

I help individuals, teams and organisations move from their stress into strengths.

I'm on a quest. You know, like Don Quixote but instead of challenging windmills I'm doing my best to expose the elephants in the room. The trouble is I know leaders get stressed out about the performance of their teams and the individual team members get stressed about their performance, and yet while I know it, and I know they know they know it, they don't talk about it. That's why I'm on this quest.

For too many years I enjoyed being employed and given tasks to do in very large global organisations, mostly Corporate pharmaceutical companies. I was quite good at what I did, even winning awards, but I was never satisfied, trying very hard to satisfy the needs of other people, managers and leaders at my expense. I've even been head hunted! Despite all that "success" I suffered my own burn out, coming late in my career and through finally having enough of being told to do this task, this way because it's the only way and I (my boss) know best! The straw that broke the camel's back.

So, I'v been there and it's not a good place. It is a place of low self esteem and few connections. It is however the place where I could reflect and draw on my experiences to see what it was I didn't want to do anymore and actually choose to do what I' great at. Coaching. In fact it was in an off beat moment when a manager suggested I take the Clift Strengths Finder " as everybody else is" that I realised I was truly in the wrong job. Everything in ,y reported shouted at me, go be a coach. And so, in 2011 I retrained as a psychological coach and then in 2012 become the first Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach in Switzerland. My life had just got started!

Short Personal Bio

Everything I do is in service of understanding stress and building resilience in people, teams and organisations, through a number of interventions.

Turning stress into powerful positive energy.

I am an international coach, trainer, and facilitator based in Basel, specialising in Leadership and Team Development using for example Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Intelligence and Gallup Strengths Coaching as a basis for action learning.

I collaborate with clients to design their day(s), quickly understanding their needs. My approach is flexible while at the same time ensuring we maximise our opportunity together, bringing strong strategic thinking for planning and offer fun and creativity to workshops and training sessions.

Individual clients tend to be starting a new role, or people who are feeling stuck in their current role. I help with performance management coaching and all aspects of moving careers from CV rewrites and LinkedIn profile advice to interview techniques and removing self limiting beliefs. Your coaching program will be unique for you.

Specialties: Coaching executives and individuals, Gallup Strengths based coaching, building Emotional Intelligence for leaders and teams, and Psychological and NLP coaching

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