James Mayhew

Vinton, Iowa

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Soar Coach since December 2018

About James

I help leaders be less busy and more productive so they can focus on leading well: build strong relationships, hire & develop rock stars, and create a thriving culture.

I believe our organizations, our teams, and our homes deserve a better brand of leadership.

Since 2009, I've been coaching smart, hungry and humble leaders to help align their brand and culture. Specializing in leadership development and organizational culture, I focus on building strong organizations by strategically aligning their operations, strategy and brand with their culture (defined as, "This is how we work around here.")

Along the way, I've worked with leaders at all levels to help them lead with confidence, humility, empathy and courage. I coach them through having hard conversations, building strong relationships with their colleagues, and how defining their core values will take the organization to new heights. All of those things have been part of my own leadership journey and it's why I'm so driven and passionate to work with other leaders.

When I started out in leadership, I made all the mistakes. I held on to things I shouldn't have, kept too much control at times, tried to protect my team from what I perceived were too big of challenges, failed to articulate vision, didn't give meaningful feedback... And I had to develop a new mindset and grow. Quickly.

One of the greatest lessons I learned came from a close friend. He told me to "get comfortable with being unqualified." In other words, as we take on new challenges, we're never truly qualified at the beginning. We have to learn to manage our doubts and fears, and lean on our experience and balance confidence with humility. That, along with these 4 powerful words from my manager - "I believe in you" - were tremendously powerful in my leadership development.

And that's what I am called to do today - train, equip, empower and build great leaders. Craig Groeschel says it best, "When the leader gets better, everyone gets better."

Part of my philosophy is addressing things head-on. No BS. No excuses. No masks. One of the biggest ways we've learned to excuse ourselves from doing the hard things is to be busy. I know it all too well. That's why I'm committed to helping CEO's, executives, directors, pastors - anyone who leads others - get beyond it.

I have lived a blessed life! I married my wonderful wife, Beth, just three weeks after I turned 21. Our first son, Cory was born just 10 months later, and then our second son, Nicolas, came 5 years later. As we enter into the "empty-nester" stage of life, we are excited to see our family expand. While Iowa has been our home, we love exploring the Rockies and spending time in Colorado.

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