Jenequa Eldridge

Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas, USA

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Soar Coach since July 2018

About Jenequa

I help individuals and teams leverage what they do best, to achieve their desired success.

I am dedicated to the empowerment and enfranchisement of individuals through self-discovery. My goal is to provide inspiration, motivation, and cultivation to every person I meet.

Short Personal Bio

Jenequa Eldridge is a dedicated professional development agent with over 20 years of experience and a propensity for developing and implementing innovative training programs and professional development sessions. As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, she is committed to helping individuals discover and develop their natural gifts and talents. She is a lead specialist in the strength-based methodology and inspires individuals, organizations, and corporate teams to value the impact of a relevant and robust learning and development program. She has developed and delivered informative and engaging training sessions on topics ranging from federal compliance to life management models. She is also a certified trainer on professional soft skills such as communication, time management, and leadership. Due to her varied background, she is just as comfortable on the production floor as she is in the board room. Her experience in fast-paced and deadline driven environments has equipped her to be able to handle intense pressure from pessimistic foes, become innovative when resources are slim and nonexistent, display a consistently positive spirit when others seem to show maladaptive behaviors, and offer a rational and steady head and hand when processes and outcomes seem to be uncertain and unpredictable. Jenequa is devoted to the empowerment and enfranchisement of individuals, teams, and organizations through self-discovery. She seeks to inspire, motivate, and foster a culture of synergetic cooperation; emboldening those she encounters with a desire to be - better.

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