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Coppell, Texas

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As a faith-based coach, I work with church leaders and their congregation to find their passion and purpose to successfully grow an engaged church.

Would you like to move your congregation from "pew sitters" to individuals who are fully engaged in their faith community? If you have the desire and mission to grow an engaged church and help your congregation in their spiritual growth, I am the person to help you achieve your church mission and goals.

As a seasoned, Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach, and best selling author, the depth of experience and knowledge I have gained from the many church, business and community leadership roles I've had, has translated into a very successful faith-based coaching practice. I am high-energy, clear communicator, and possess exemplary interpersonal skills. I can command a large room of leaders and members of a congregation for Strengths-based workshops, as well as confidently coach individuals one-on-on by identifying their strengths and guiding them on how to best leverage their God-given gifts.

CliftonStrengths is one tool I use to help individuals understand their talents. The more self-aware a person is, the more likely he/she will understand the value he/she bring to a team, a ministry, a job. Focusing on engagement has given many churches I have worked with new freedom. When individuals know who they are and what their true strengths are -- they are more likely to volunteer their time, talent and treasure in the areas of the faith community that will move them from being a pew sitter to an integral part of their church. Thus the church leadership reach and inspire the hearts and minds of their people.

Kathie Gautille is a co-author of the Amazon International Best Seller, "Turning Talents into Strengths: Stories of Coaching Transformations."

Education: Clarion University B.S. Communication Concentration in Business

Certified in Advanced Biblical Studies (4 year program), University of Dallas

Certifications and Accreditations:

Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach, Certified to lead CliftonStrengths Discovery Course, Certified in Nonprofit Management, Brookhaven College, Master Trustee designation, Servant Leadership, Texas Association of School Boards, Blue and Gold Information Officer for United States Naval Academy,

Elected Office: Elected 4 times, serving a total of 12 years on Coppell ISD School Board, 4 years as President

Awards and Recognitions: Commandant Award from United States Naval Academy

Job History: 7 years - Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Kathie Gautille LLC, 4 years - Vice President of Marketing and Development, CCA, 4 years - Marketing Coordinator, Dr. Frank Stich, III, 6 years - Product Manager, UCCEL Corporation

Volunteer: 3 years - Stewardship Leadership Team 3 years - Chair of St. Ann Pastoral Parish Council

Coaching Clients: Faith-based Organizations Church Leadership Ministry Team Members Christian Nonprofits Personal Development

Coaching Methods: Workshops One-on-One

Company Name: Kathie Gautille Strengths Coaching, Kathie Gautille LLC


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