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Coppell, Texas, USA

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Working with church leaders and their congregation to find their passion and purpose and successfully grow an engaged church.

Would you like to move your congregation from “pew sitters” to individuals who are fully engaged in their faith community?

Is your church struggling to inspire strong participation by all members of your congregation? Does the bulk of the work fall on your staff and the same loyal volunteers?

Are there members of your church, who are looking for ways to help, but are not sure if their talents line up with the needs of the church? As you know all too well, that gathering volunteers can be an overwhelming job. Members of your church have a wide array of talents, knowledge and skill that can be utilized to grow an engaged church. Can you imagine being able to connect your members with the ministries that are aligned with their interest and talents? Can you see them growing in service and in their own faith journey?

Your church is not the only faith community that struggles with taxing the same volunteers for jobs they may or may not enjoy. This is a common concern for churches.

So, how do you get more members to help lighten the load? How do you tap into the many people of your congregation to give of their time, talent and treasure?

Those who work with a faith-based coach learn how to take necessary steps to have more of your parishioners participate in the mission of spreading the Gospel.

Together, one of the first steps is to gather and organize the information about the volunteer opportunities. Next, we will help your members by having them identify their God-given gifts. And finally, helping your members understand the gifts they are stewards of and how they can use them to match their talents with the appropriate volunteer positions.

Let’s build the kingdom together by helping your church membership become more vital to your vision and mission by participating in volunteer work with meaning!

Schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call by using this link to my calendar Or better yet, just call me at 214-282-2367.

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• University of Dallas, Advanced Biblical Studies, School of Ministry • Bachelor of Science Communication, minor Business Administration, Clarion University • Gallup-Certified to lead Discovery© Course Workshop • Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths© Accelerated Coaching Certification • Equip to Equip - A Living Your Strengths Coaching CliftonStrengths© Certification

Certifications and Accreditations:

Certified in Nonprofit Management, Brookhaven College, Master Trustee designation, Servant Leadership, Texas Association of School Boards, Blue and Gold Information Officer for United States Naval Academy,

Elected Office: Elected 4 times, serving a total of 12 years on Coppell ISD School Board, 4 years as President, 2 years a Secretary

Awards and Recognitions: Commandant Award from United States Naval Academy

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