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Looking at what's great about people to grow successful Marketing organizations

Marketing departments, firms and organizations are fast-moving and creative environments. Success comes from encouraging people to think differently and challenge the status-quo. But many ad agencies, PR firms and marketing leaders don’t do that. They expect all creative people to create the same way. They require all account people to build relationships and manage accounts the same way. The problem with that is that people are different! Everyone approaches their roles through different lenses and when they are encouraged – empowered – to use their strengths to achieve professional and organizational goals, great things happen.

How many times have you had a performance evaluation that focused solely on “opportunities for improvement,” ignoring all the great things you’ve accomplished? How many times have you seen leaders take for granted people’s strengths and simply fixate on weaknesses? Have you been that manager or that leader? The truth is, the best way to develop highly engaged, highly productive, accountable individuals and teams is to do so through the filter of strengths. And research backs this up. According to Gallup, people who know their strengths and have the chance to use them at work are SIX TIMES as likely to be engaged in their job. People who know their strengths and have the opportunity to use them at work are more than THREE TIMES as likely to report having and excellent quality of life. And people who use their strengths every day have a minimum of 8% more productivity.

Most managers, leaders and organizations don’t know how to make the transition, however. They need an expert to work with them to make the small changes that have great impact. That is the cornerstone of my coaching approach. I’d love to talk more about it with you if you are serious about making true, positive and lasting change in your organization.

We are all familiar with the phrase "When a door closes, a window opens." For many, it’s just rhetoric - usually from some well-meaning friend or family member. For me, it is the absolute truth that led me to become an inspired and transformational coach.

I’d always been that kid in whom others could confide and I remember being astonished when people would share their fears and insecurities. I saw (and see) so much in people – things they don’t see are haven’t ever realized. And I told them so!

Fast forward to college where I majored in Communications and then onto a career in Advertising and Marketing. Somewhere along the way, I realized that the part of my job that I loved the most – and where I was most successful – was in relationship building and talent development. In fact, it sometimes felt as if I was the only person who realized how critical the people were to the success of the organization.

So, in 2016 I left a 29-year career in Marketing and Advertising and decided to do what I loved more than anything and I became a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and Consultant.

I was first introduced to Strengths in 2002 when I was part of a team who brought it to the Advertising agency where I worked. I fell in love. I worked with Strengths for the next 14 years and when I left the agency world in 2016, I knew that it was my calling.

My consulting and coaching focus is in three areas:

1. Leadership (Individuals): I work with leaders of organizations to understand their talents and help them turn those talents into Strengths. Each client is different and requires different approaches. Strengths is the cornerstone, along with creating positive habits and incorporating the principles of Emotional Intelligence. 2. Leadership (Teams): The very best leaders know their strengths and their limitations. The most effective leadership teams are made up of individuals who complement each other and are not only self-aware but know how to self-regulate. The beauty about working with Leadership teams is the positive effect the work can have on an entire organization. 3. Organizations with 10-150 people: From my early years of working with Strengths, I have been worked with teams. Team dynamics is one of my passions and I have been successful at working to identify team strengths and how people can not only be aware of what others bring to the table but accept and embrace the differences. I help create highly engaged teams which lead to higher productivity, positivity, and profit.

My 30 years in Marketing and Advertising provide me with a perspective that many companies appreciate because I have first-hand experience of what many of them face daily. Organizations that are highly creative, high-energy and matrixed are among my most successful clients.

I have worked with Marketing, Advertising and PR companies as well as manufacturing, non-profit and higher education. I prefer small and mid-size companies where I can really get the know the people and understand the mission.

My top five Strengths are Harmony, Positivity, Maximizer, Developer, and Connectedness. I love what I do, and I am fortunate to do what I do best every day.

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