Margaret Smith

Portland, Oregon, USA

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Soar Coach since October 2018

About Margaret

I use a strengths-based approach to develop leaders and teams with a track-record of producing breakthrough results.

Hello! I'm Margaret Smith and I'm passionate about creating workplaces where people thrive!

I have three service offerings aligned with my top strengths in Communication, Woo, and Maximizer:

*Speaking: I deliver powerful keynote talks on strengths-based organization development to inspire audiences to take new actions in their professional lives.

*Matchmaking: I help people like you get connected with the best fit coach depending on your needs and preferences.

*Facilitation: I uncover issues getting in the way of leadership teams and coach them to high performance.

Here are some of my results from nearly 20 years in the field of organization development:

*Delivered interactive keynote to 100+ leaders at a regional conference leaving them equipped to overcome change saturation and elevate employee engagement in their workplace.

*Coached an IT executive for communication effectiveness resulting in financial support for his initiative at a Fortune 500 company.

*Managed a 12 external contract coaches at Portland's largest employer making referrals which increased their visibility and substantially grew the businesses of the coaches.

*Led year-long physician leadership development program which created a more collaborative culture and improved patient care delivery at Portland's largest employer.

Clients include: Central Intelligence Agency, Lensbaby, Microsoft, National Science Foundation, Nike, Oregon Health and Sciences University, PeaceHealth, Portland General Electric, St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, among others.

Masters of Arts, Education & Human Development, The George Washington University (2001)

Short Personal Bio

I grew up in New York City the daughter of two extraordinary parents who worked for IBM their whole careers. My father Baird was a futurist, developer, and thought-leader for the company who spoke for large audiences around the world. I was privileged with an incredible, rich childhood full of diversity, learning and global experiences. I ventured out to Oregon in 1990 to attend the University of Oregon and my family moved to Portland shortly after.

I completed my masters degree then served as a Strategic Change Consultant for Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Washington, DC.

Then came a decade of wonderful work inside healthcare back in Oregon. I was very lucky to work for executives who leveraged my strengths as I excelled at coaching and developing leaders/teams and managing large scale systems change. One vivid memory is scrubbing into an open-heart case to build rapport with a surgeon I was coaching! I rose to serve as the Director of Organization Development & Change Consulting for PeaceHealth.

Since then I have popped in and out of organizations since the clear shift to a Gig Economy -gone are the days of 30 year long careers like my folks.

Today I enjoy a blend of internal consulting and external engagements through Soar. The opportunity to serve as the Strengths Evangelist for Portland is a real honor and aligns with my personal values and professional practice. I have a group of local Coaches so I can be an excellent matchmaker for different preferences and situations.

I live in NW Portland with my son Will who is in fourth grade and loves to throw the football with me. I enjoy a fantastic life full of athletic pursuits, charitable work, and socializing with loved ones. I have invested in coaches for myself to manage my weaknesses in Health, Finance, and even Dating.

I genuinely love people so look forward to connecting with you!

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