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Auburn, Alabama, USA

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Creating drama free workplace teams that get results.

Your business is the sum of your life - your baby, your dream. You have invested immeasurable time, money, education and effort into building it. Yet your business success ultimately rests in the hands of the people you hire and train - your team. I have spent 20 years leading and developing teams to reach their full productive and relational potential. My specialty is serving the Healthcare Industry such as medical, dental, and chiropractic workplaces.

From your first team building session your team will greatly increase self-awareness, understanding, and mutual appreciation. I use the Clifton Strengths assessment to help your team identify their unique and innate talents. This leads to less office drama, greater collaboration, higher profits, and a quality reputation in the eyes of your patients. When you understand how your team naturally feels, thinks and behaves, you have the key ingredients for building a culture of engagement and excellence. Simply put, your team will look forward to coming to work because they know that their greatest potential contribution to success is recognized and celebrated.

One of my clients recently received a distinguished "Dream Team" award at a national convention and publicly attributed team success to the strengths-based culture created through this coaching. Contact me so we can take your team from good to great, or great to greater!

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