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How you SEE the world is how you SELL to the world!

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“How you see the world is how you sell to the world” It also is a HUGE factor in what kind of a referral business you are building. Would you like to earn MORE referrals? Would you like to sell BETTER and EASIER?

A. Referrals have a 70-90% closing ratio….and a 92% retention rate, generally spending 5x more than other methods of gaining business B. Most salespeople say that referrals are their favorite way to get new business…yet most do not have a system! C. Strengths Zone training measures your natural talents though the Clifton Strengths Assessment, then shows you how to build


• Know exactly how they are wired, and have a better appreciation of how their clients are wired • Have a system to generate referrals that increase sales, consistently • Know how to develop relationships with new contacts, and how to keep those relationships ongoing

THIS IS WHAT WE HELP SALES TEAMS AND ENTREPRENEURS DO: 1. Understand how natural talents influence people how to buy and how we sell- and how to work in our own “Strengths Zone” 2. How to build a system to generate a steady stream of referrals all year 3. How to work with current clients and contacts to increase referrals and sales

LONG TERM EFFECTS OF TRAINING APPLICATION IN THE FIELD 1. More business from current clients and customers- better utilization of time vs. cold calling 2. Immediate positive impact in networking results 3. Knowing what your “sweet spots” (strengths) are how to spend more time working in them for better bottom line results!

We have classes forming in St. Louis and Missouri, and offer in house summits at your place of business

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