George Enema

Ikeja Lagos, Lagos, NGA

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Soar Coach since April 2019

About George

Passionate about productivity and personal fulfillment in all endeavors and interactions of life.

Georges' purpose is "Unleash Potentials of young adults to evolve a more productive society."

He is proudly Nigerian with over 15 years work experience spanning Advertising, External & Government relations as well as Information Technology.

George has the belief that the future of Africa, Nigeria and the world at large lies in the human capital development and the Gallup Strengths based development is the most relevant solution to drive this in creating engaged citizens to capture the enormous value apparent in the continent.

*Individuals: To discover their talents and invest in them to trump and enhance their productivity.

* Managers/Team Lead: To discover how their talents and strengths will make them coaches to subordinates and not just managers. Thereby enhancing team productivity.

*Organizations: To understand and integrate strength-based development principles as a culture/system that trumps and enhances employee engagement. Leading to measurable improvement in Organizational performance.

Short Personal Bio

I am driven to leverage my innate talents to evolve a more productive society.

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