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Helping Millennial Entrepreneurs Who Are Frustrated with the Challenges of Starting and Growing a Business

Are you a Millennial Entrepreneur who's stressed out, overwhelmed, and frustrated with the challenges of creating a life full of passion, purpose, and meaningful impact?

Do you find yourself not taking action on an idea because you don't feel confident it will work out? Have you started something that matches your passion and feel frustrated that things aren't turning out the way you expected?

Might you be getting in your own way or feel like an imposter?

The truth is, I know how frustrating it is to constantly battle the inner demons of doubt, uncertainty, and feeling like an imposter. I also know that it doesn't have to be that way!

I believe if you confidently own your uniqueness - you can transform your passion into a successful life full of purpose and meaning. The reason you're not thriving is that you've failed to acknowledge your self-worth. You've failed to confidently share your uniqueness with the world. You believe the negative self-talk and avoid taking action.

This is where my "Confidence Coaching" comes in! First, we get clear on what's unique about you. Next, we develop an awareness of the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that block your growth. Then we systematically: 1) re-write the internal scripts that prevent you from taking action, 2) build your confidence, and 3) tap into your self-worth so you can give expression to the uniqueness that is you.

After working with me, clients say they've never felt so seen and heard before. The experience leaves them feeling calm, acknowledged, and self-assured. The coaching creates a paradigm shift which allows you to see your life in a way that makes you feel confident, certain, and worthy of success.

During my 15+ years of experience as an instructor, coach, and entrepreneur, I've worked with thousands of individuals and I've come to believe that CONFIDENCE is vital to thriving in life. If you decide to work with me, I guarantee we'll boost your confidence so you can skyrocket your success.

Hello Confident People - Just so we are no longer strangers, here's a bit about me and how I play to my strengths.

First of all, feel free to call me Oz, yes like the Wizard. I'm a lover of snickerdoodle cookies, coffee and the occasional spin on the dance floor. I also have 15+ years of business experience as a trainer, coach, and entrepreneur. The journey has been a wild one. I've had huge highs and devastating lows.

All have shaped me into a coach who has embraced his strengths and is amazing at recognizing and drawing out the significant gifts of the entrepreneurs I work with. If you've made it this far, let me say thanks for taking the time to learn more about me, it helps me feel "significant" :)

My coaching business, The Confidence Accelerator, was founded to help Millennials create confidence for any situation. As a Millennial, a student of life, and an entrepreneur I'm my #1 client. Being that "Competition" is my second strength, I have to ensure I'm doing my best in the realm of confidence and self-worth.

As a "Maximizer", my strength lies in my ability to see the best in you. I know the struggle of self-doubt, self-sabotage, and fear of failure. This struggle has pushed me to use my "Ideation" strength to create a signature system designed to help you avoid the 5 destroyers of confidence. I believe that each of us is unique and I use my "Individualization" strength to tailor my signature system to your individual situation. I know you have the ability to be a leader and 15+ years of experience has shown me that we all have amazing gifts to offer the world. I believe that when such leaders build the confidence to declare their purpose - without apology - the world will become a place where we all shine and live with passion.

If you are a business owner, a young professional, or an entrepreneur, I invite you to contact me and share your story. Let's have a conversation to see if we're a great fit.

Send me a direct message at: and visit: to learn more about what I do.

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