"At my very first Soar event I connected with another coach and a month later we collaborated on an event that made me $7000. And that is just the tip of the iceberg."
-- Josh Brechheisen
"Thanks to a SOAR Strengths Evangelist in NYC, I have the opportunity to facilitate a Strengths workshop In Paris for a global cosmetics company."
-- Maureen Rabotin
"You'll be happy to know I used my newly-found sales techniques and booked a new 6 month client!"
-- Monique Catoggio


  • ✓ Free listing in the Soar Coaching directory
  • ✓ Profile page with clients ratings and reviews
  • ✓ Keep 100% of client revenue from clients who find you
  • ✓ Select up to 3 categories for your coaching practice
  • ✓ List your certifications and credentials
  • ✓ Subscription to coaching newsletter
  • ✓ Monthly webinars from leading coaches on Soar


*when billed annually
  • ✓ Full benefits of free membership
  • ✓ Join exclusive roster of coaches being represented by Soar sales team
  • ✓ Soar customer success team will reach out to your Dream Clients on your behalf (watch video)
  • ✓ Membership in Coaches Mastermind Group
  • ✓ Admission to local events with potential clients
  • ✓ Automated tools for nurturing prospects and leads into clients
  • ✓ Weekly webinars on business success by renowned coaches
  • ✓ Access to full webinar library


  • ✓ Full benefits of free and Pro membership
  • ✓ High profile listing on
  • ✓ Strengths movement page and mailing list for your community
  • ✓ Platform for designing events to generate revenue and new clients
  • ✓ Marketing support from Soar to help you sell out your local events
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  • ✓ Free attendance at all evangelist training events for 12 months
  • ✓ World class training by Jamie Librot, Joe Thomas, Bill Graham and other experts
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