Svetlana Saitsky

San Francisco, California, USA

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Soar Coach since January 2019

About Svetlana

I will help you eliminate unnecessary details and uncover, explore, and ignite your dreams into reality.

Svetlana Saitsky is an Executive Coach who works with mission-driven leaders. By working with Svetlana, you will remove all barriers to your productivity and infuse your life and work with the energy, perspective, tools, and mindfulness you need to live your most fulfilling life. Svetlana has coached leaders at the world’s most well-known corporations including Google, Apple, Netflix, AirBNB and Pinterest. After spending 10+ years in the corporate world as a sales executive, content strategist, and head of storytelling, Svetlana brings comprehensive industry knowledge and business acumen to her coaching. A Professional Certified Coach (PCC), she is a mentor coach for 500 Startups, Runway Innovation Hub, and The Coaching Fellowship. Svetlana’s coaching programs combine her expertise in leadership development, Jungian psychology and neuroscience.

Working with Svetlana will help you build mental resilience, develop leadership presence, create work-life integration, expand focus and accountability, help you navigate change with grace, make you a powerful storyteller and communicator, help you run your business without losing your mind, identify / transform behaviors that are holding you back, build confidence and help you overcome Imposter syndrome.

Short Personal Bio

As an executive coach, artist, and former sales executive, Svetlana blends left brain thinking and right brain creativity, inspiring leadership development and confidence in her clients. Her specialty is helping individuals take life’s paradoxes and find balance and fulfillment. She has a track record of helping high performing leaders level up. Svetlana works best with entrepreneurial minded individuals who want to tap deeper into their creativity and shift perspectives by developing positive neural pathways.

When Svetlana is not coaching, she is most likely making art at coffee shops all over the world.

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