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Flowery Branch, Georgia

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Soar Coach since July 2018

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Learn to serve, lead, and succeed with the power of strengths!

I'm a passionate 18-year technology leader offering real-world C-level experience aligned with proven corporate leadership programs that drive high-performance fun. My passion is to accelerate servant leadership growth and people strategies that embrace the diversity of individual strengths, talents and viewpoints. When this cultural mindset is embodied, companies will see dramatic results with productive teamwork and customer service with a direct impact on improving the bottom line. Gain a long-term competitive advantage by investing in your greatest asset - the people who choose to walk through the front door of your company every day.

I am leading a movement of strengths-based servant leadership at all levels with our proprietary program LEAD LIKE HEROES. This leadership training program teaches the four values of a HERO mindset and how to activate them at work and in life.

As a technology veteran and real-world executive, I've walked in the shoes at the entry level to the C-level. I bring solid experience and a business point of view that 99.5% of leadership training companies just can't provide. I am armed with executive educations from MIT and Carnegie Mellon along with a Gallup Strengths Coach certification which are limited. Additionally, certified as a John Maxwell Team speaker, leadership trainer and coach.

Our agnostic approach to leadership training empowers our clients with the best thought leaders and methodologies to meet their specific goals vs. shoe-horning a company into one narrow approach or guru's opinion.

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