Vik Mittal

McLean, Virginia, USA

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Soar Coach since November 2018

About Vik

Hi, I help unhappy professionals reinvent themselves.

I am a career transition coach who helps unhappy Finance and IT professionals design new careers that excite, that matter, and that still pay.

If you feel like you're trading days of your life for a paycheck then you aren't using many of your greatest strengths at work. I will help you see what you're best at and what you need to thrive.

My unique system to create a fulfilling career from your strengths and values has helped my clients shift from routine operational jobs to rewarding careers like a magician, a yogi, and a professor. My clients now look forward to getting up in the morning and have ample energy to spare in the evening for their health and family.

If your work is draining you, visit to claim your free ebook to learn how to use your strengths to recharge.

Already taken the CliftonStrengths assessment? Wondering what to do next? Email me at, or call me at (703) 489 – 9451, to schedule your free consult.

Short Personal Bio

After a decade of job-hopping in the Finance and IT industries, I worked with a strengths coach to break the cycle of unhappiness. I now help other professionals build a career they can be proud of by applying their strengths and honoring their values.

With degrees in Computer Science, Economics, and Financial Management, I studied hard and worked hard, just like my clients. I understand their need for interesting, challenging and meaningful work that is respected and well-paid.

I love solving challenging problems, and as your coach, I will help you answer two of life's most difficult questions: Who am I? and What is my purpose? With these answers, designing your new career becomes much easier.

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