Andi Burgis

Liberty, Missouri

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Soar Coach since November 2018

About Andi

With the assistance of horses, I help people develop emotional intelligence, connection, and communication in order to build strong, effective, trusting relationships.

Since she first began designing and facilitating experiential learning programs in 1990 and starting her own company in 1996, Andi has developed the exceptional ability to move people from learning to action. Able to effectively relate to people and quickly establish trust, she is known as an invaluable mentor and leader of transformation and growth in the lives of the people she teaches. Today she focuses on providing customized people development formats including personal and professional coaching and equine facilitated learning for individuals, couples and business teams. Andi offers that the more embodied the learning , the higher the transfer into ones life. Work with the horses, challenge courses and other experiential based formats is her expertise.

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Executive Coach
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